Main Products
    1. General Module LED Display

      The module of the general module led display is made of special plastic in dark black. Besides higher contrast ratio than the non-standard product, the module of the indoor LED display is sturdy and durable for use.

    1. LED Floor Display

      Modular design makes for the slim structure and light weight.
      The translucent display surface has good colour mixture effect.
      Availability for direct tread.

    1. Flexible LED Display

      There is no metal contained in the indoor LED display. So, the product has lighter weight than the product with the same specification. With the weight of 10kg/m2, the outdoor LED display can be installed at any location you want.

    1. Indoor LED Display

      As an ISO 9001 certificated LED display supplier in China, we could provide three models of indoor LED displays which are thin shark series, swan series and swift series. These products have passed CCC, UL, CE and RoHS certifications, and they will deliver satisfying performance as expected.

    1. Swan Indoor LED Display

      Thin structure: the cabinet is one-step forming by high pressure, featuring high strength, good tenacity, high precision and good deformation resistance. The thickness of the cabinet is only 80mm, which is just half the thickness of the traditional indoor full color stage LED display.

    1. Outdoor LED Display

      Our company is a professional supplier for outdoor LED display. Our full color outdoor LED display includes Shark LED display, ventilation LED display and thin Shark LED display. Our product has passed 3C certification, UL certification, CE certification and RoHS certification.

  • Why Us
  • With the following three core advantages, we are sure you will not hesitate to cooperate with us.
    1. Our company has 12 years' experience in the industry. We are ranked amongst the top 10 suppliers with large-scale equipment and production ability.
    2. Chip Optech company pays great attention to the technology and innovation of the product. The complete series of standardized LED display are uniquely designed with high cost performance. The mould is proprietary to our company...

  • About Us
  • Located in China, our company is mainly engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling full color LED display. Additionally, the relevant service is also available from us. With large variety of specifications and diversified structures, our product can be classified into outdoor full color LED display, advertising LED display, movable LED display, rental LED display, stage LED display, black King Kong LED display, and some others. Our product has passed certifications like 3C, UL, CE and RoHS as a result of its reliable quality. The LED display is well received by our clients.